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Foods that Fight Cancer

Jan 09 2015

There is no magic pill to stop cancer, but there are numerous foods that you can include in your diet to help prevent various types of cancer.  Learn 10 Foods that Fight Cancer on the website so that you know which items you want to include on your next trip to the grocery store.  Next, click on over to where you will find great tasting Cancer-Fighting Recipes.  Use it to plan your weekly menu, so that your meals are filled with super foods that aid in your health.
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Alzheimer’s and Mealtime

Jan 05 2015

There are multiple challenges that come along with caring for a loved one suffering from memory loss, such as Alzheimer’s.  Meals and nutrition can be especially difficult.  Visit the Alzheimer’s Care Daily website to learn 6 Strategies to Make Mealtime Easier for the Senior with Alzheimer’s.  The article emphasizes patience and keeping on a routine. 

Another informative resource is the Alzheimer’s Association, which provides valuable tips about Food, Eating and Alzheimer’s.  In that feature story, you can read about the best possible diet, which foods to limit, mealtime tips, independence, and more. 

If you have questions about caring for your loved one, contact us here at The Villas.

Taking Steps to Prevent Alzheimer’s

Dec 03 2014

While there are so many questions about Alzheimer’s, we are learning that there are things we can do to lower the risk of this disease. 

According to an article on, changes in your diet can help protect your brain health.  Read this story, Small Changes Could Make a Big Impact in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s to learn which foods are best to include in your diet, as well as which foods to eliminate. 

Next, visit BBC News to read why doctors believe that one in three cases of Alzheimer’s is preventable.  Increasing exercise, not smoking, and other lifestyle factors play a part in memory health, so be sure to make wise choices. 

If you have any questions about Alzheimer’s or dementia, feel free to contact us here at The Villas.

Hydrating in Colder Months

Nov 20 2014

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When the temperatures rise outside in the summer, it is fairly easy to remember the importance of drinking lots of fluids to stay hydrated.  Later in the year when it gets cold outside, we often forget about the importance of staying hydrated.  Take the time this winter to learn these 8 Tips for Hydrating in Cold Weather, as recommended by  Seniors can be at higher risk of dehydration, especially those with memory loss.  If you caring for an elder, the Alzheimer’s Care website offers suggestions for the Best Hydrating Drinks for Seniors.  Pour a nice glass of water and toast this holiday season!


Jun 04 2014

As we progress into summer, it is important to remember hydration.  Water does wonders for our bodies, such as helping boost metabolism, keeping you full, and increasing your energy.  Visit WebMD to read about the 7 Wonders of Water

If you often feel like you may be dehydrated and want to know why, read about Surprising Causes of Dehydration, on the website.

Finally, if you want to learn the best ways to fill up with fluids, click back over to to discover 10 Ways to Stay Hydrated.

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