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Aging and Mental Health

Feb 24 2015

When you think about aging, you may have concerns about your mental health in regards to your memory.  It is also important not to overlook your emotional well-being. shares 10 Easy Ways Seniors Can Boost Mental Health and Well-Being. Find out how family, friends, pets, education and other factors can add positivity to your life!

Those caring for an aging loved one can also be affected emotionally.  The responsibility of assisting another person can cause stress and fatigue.  The Alzheimer’s Association provides a list of depression symptoms, and other useful resources for caregivers.  Visit their website to learn ways to manage stress, as well as when to reach out for support.  Call us here at The Villas in Tucson if you have questions about your aging loved one.

The Importance of Exercise in Aging

Feb 16 2015

It is a no secret that we benefit from exercise.  The problem is that many of us don’t keep up with a good fitness program as we age.  It is also very important to be aware of how you should adjust and adapt your routine as you get older.  Visit and read about Exercise and Fitness as You Age.  There you can learn about fitness myths, mental and physical benefits, and different types of trainings. 

Physical fitness also provides perks to those suffering from Alzheimer’s.  Click over to for the article Encouraging Your Elderly Loved One With Alzheimer’s to Exercise.

Here at The Villas, we offer numerous fitness options in every monthly activities calendar.  You can download our monthly calendar by clicking it under the Resources section of this website. Have questions about Alzheimer’s?  Give us a call!

Lunch and Learn Event at The Villas

Feb 03 2015

Do you have concerns about a loved one experiencing memory loss? We want to help answer your questions. Please join us next week for our Lunch & Learn event, on February 11th at our The Villas at Houghton location, from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. in Villa GG’s backyard. We will have guest speaker, Tom Staab, discussing The 10 Signs of Alzheimer’s. Lunch will be provided, so please call Lindsay Czernics at 520-250-7521 to reserve your spot or learn more.

Behavioral Changes with Alzheimer’s

Jan 27 2015

We often relate memory loss to a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but there are many other physical and behavioral changes affecting that person.  Unfortunately, behavior can change and become more aggressive.  If you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, take a moment to visit this link to Alzheimer’s Care Daily to better understand 10 Things that Cause Aggression.  Also, visit the Alzheimer’s Association website to learn about the ways that the caregiver is personally affected from this responsibility.  There is no doubt that stress can rise from this responsibility, so know what the symptoms of stress are, and discover the best ways to manage them.  Ask for help from friends or family if you need it, and reach out to a professional if you could use some outside help.

Soda Affects and Alternatives

Jan 23 2015

No doubt about it, many Americans love their soda.  You already know that the high sugar calories in it are not the best for you, but you also need to know that there is a lot more going on in the body when you opt for these drinks.  Visit MSN’s Health & Fitness section to read How Soda Affects Each Body Part As You Drink.  This story includes an infographic, helping you understand that cola can affect tooth enamel, asthma and more.  There are many other drink options that you can include in your day.  Everyday Health features 10 Tasty Soda Alternatives, so that you can satisfy your thirst through different selections.

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