Behavioral and Dementia Care

Behavioral and Dementia Care

The Villas Cornerstone Homes are dedicated to individuals with specialized needs relating to behavioral and dementia care. We embrace the reality that dementia is a journey. We offer dignified and specialized approaches towards the different behaviors that may come with the dementia journey, no matter how acute.  The Director and staff keep family members involved and up-to-date to ensure outstanding care. The Villas cornerstones of care include:

Lovely, Comfortable Homes

Cornerstone Homes offers two separate 10-resident homes adjacent to our beautiful eight-villa Assisted Living Neighborhood. The Cornerstone Homes are safe, clean and comfortable. Our secure setting along with our beautiful backyards and gardens provide familiarity and comfort, and our warm and open common areas create a serene and friendly setting for our residents and their families.

Person-Centered Care

We work with our residents and their loved ones to offer the right approaches to care according to each individual’s background, personality and interests. All of our residents are encouraged to be actively involved with a daily routine according to each individual’s physical and cognitive capabilities. We provide 2 caregivers for no more than 10 residents (1:5 ratio) from 7am - 7pm, and 2 caregivers for no more than 20 residents (1:10 ratio with an auxiliary caregiver) from 7pm - 7am, which offers dignity and reassurance for our residents and their loved ones. Our dedicated Director is an LPN with 27 years experience in the field of behavioral and dementia care. 

Trained and Caring Staff

The Cornerstone Homes staff is carefully selected, professionally trained and continually educated to help each resident find achievement with each day. An emphasis on stage specific training enables our staff to provide the right level of assistance with programming, activities of daily living, communication and behaviors.

Success-Oriented Activity Programs

Programming utilizes knowledge of each resident’s interests and preferences and activities are geared to promote dignity, happiness, and structure. A specially trained coordinator, along with Cornerstone Home staff, provides successful activities that incorporate aspects of our resident’s physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.